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NIMIX is a Spanish company which produces and sells scale models and figures. That is why apart from international topics special attention has been given to Spanish subjets in the catalogue, where you will find scale models of vehicles which are-or were- in use in the Spanish Armed Forces and there fore scale figures from the most representative periods of our civil and military history.

From the day that NIMIX marketed its first model-20 years ago-we have done our best to permanently improve the quality of our items as well as the customers service for the sake of the amateurs of model-making.

NIMIX produces currently more than 350 different items. You will find here vehicles made of resin and etched brass, 54mm and 120mm scale figures, busts and the two great NIMIX´s innovations:


  • Artificial water: easy to use, clean, no toxic and suitable for all kinds of materials.
  • Eched brass: NIMIX has been the first company to innovate with high quality etched brass in order to improve and increase the details of figures. It started with emblems and insignias and nowadays there are banners, flags, heraldry sings, Greek and Roman motifs, nature elements, traffic signs, reins, horseshoes..

In the workshop section you will find many secrets and advices to work properly with both resin and etched brass.
If you want to share your works with us and the rest of model-makers please, do not hesitate and send your pictures of NIMIX/KENOX miniatures in order to be published in the Gallery section.

NIMIX also produces components for other companies or even private people who want create their own original models. You can find information about this subjet and also about personalized advertising gifts in our Order section


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Translated by Marco A. Peñín Toledano.


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