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Sometimes we have to carry out very tough drawings in order to give the perfect touch to a figure, or to make a symmetric drawing which requires a steady and sure hand, a great detil or an identical stroke.

Etched brass help us to make all that possible. They simulate an embossing and allow you to paint easily and with spectacular results. Go to “How to use etched brass on heraldic emblems” in our workshop to learn some tricks about that.

Each item contains 5 or 6 different symbols and all of them are repeated in several scales (from 120mm to 30mm) so you can use them in may ways and combinations.


Militar orders
FT35 Ordenes Militares 1
FT36 Ordenes Militares 2
FT37 Ordenes Militares 3
FT35 Militar Orders 1
FT36 Militar Orders 2
FT37 Militar Orders 3
Medieval Herald
FT51 Heraldica 1
FT52 Heraldica 2
FT53 Heraldica 3
FT54 Heraldica 4
FT55 Heraldica 5
FT51 Heraldic 1
FT52 Heraldic 2
FT53 Heraldic 3
FT54 Heraldic 4
FT55 Heraldic 5
FT56 Heraldica 6
FT64 Heraldica 7
FT65 Heraldica 8
FT76 Heraldica 9
FT77 Heraldica 10
FT56 Heraldic 6
FT64 Heraldic 7
FT65 Heraldic 8
FT76 Heraldic 9
FT77 Heraldic 10
FT82 Heraldica 11
FT83 Heraldica 12
FT84 Heraldica 13
FT111 Heraldica 14
FT112 Heraldica 15
FT82 Heraldic 11
FT83 Heraldic 12
FT84 Heraldic 13
FT111 Heraldic 14
FT112 Heraldic 15
Old Greece
FT74 Grecia 1
FT75 Grecia 2
FT96 Grecia 3
FT74 Old Greece 1
FT75 Old Greece 2
FT96 Old Greece 3
Old Rome
FT133 Roma 1
FT134 Roma 2
FT135 Roma 3
FT136 Roma 4
FT133 Old Rome 1
FT134 Old Rome 2
FT135 Old Rome 3
FT136 Old Rome 4
FT137 Roma 5
FT162 Roma 6
FT163 Roma 7
FT137 Old Rome 5
FT162 Old Rome 6
FT163 Old Rome 7
FT107 Piratas
FT107 Pirates


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